Monday, 4 July 2011

And the winner of this year's eBooker Prize is...

Eyes on the prize
It can only be a matter of time before some bright spark with a penchant for well-written fiction and deep pockets, sets up a competition to find the best independently published eBook of the year...And since that other well-known competition has changed its name from the Booker Prize to the Man Booker Prize, we're sure they won't mind if the digital upstart calls itself the "eBooker Prize". On second thoughts they would probably be straight on the telephone to their legal team!

Being serious for a moment, it's about time authors of eBooks had their own prize specifically for the this new and vibrant branch of publishing. Perhaps a group of benevolent UK eBook Publishers could get together to fund the prize. The Electronic Book Company would be more than happy to participate in such a worthwhile event...and to be honest, the resulting publicity would not exactly be unwelcome. Watch this space!    Home Page

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  1. For a long time now, mainstream publishers have had their own eyes on the prize. I am not talking about a literary prize either. The "Biggies" are interested in one thing: profits. What that means is that most writers these days don't have a ghost's chance in hell of getting onto any editor's desk unless they either have a stack of best sellers to their credit, or they are Russell Brand (or Katy Perry) or someone else who probably can't write but have become a "household name" for whatever dubious reason.
    What this means is that the e-book revolution is a God-send to us less mortals who write because we have little choice when the Muses grab us. Yes, by all means, let's pat ourselves on the back once a year at the very least. Bring on the eBooker Prize, and line me up for it.
    Viva la Revolution!
    Tracy Saunders


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