Friday, 23 December 2011

Now You Can Download The Queen's Christmas Message On Your Kindle...

Amazon have announced that Kindle users will be able to download an ebook version of this year's Queen's Christmas  the first time.

The company also announced that they are offering all 59 of the Queen's Christmas messages which date back to the start of her reign in 1952, for Kindle owners to download from today.

Kindle users will be able to download the transcript of the 2011 Christmas broadcast from the Kindle Store immediately after it airs on Christmas Day.

Gordon Willoughby, who is director of Kindle Europe said: "Millions of people across the UK, and the world, wait with anticipation to hear the Queen's Christmas speech and we are delighted to be able to make transcripts of her annual address, past and present, available to download for free in under 60 seconds." 

He added: “Many people will be unwrapping Kindles on Christmas Day and now Kindle owners, new and old, can read the Queen’s words for years to come.”


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