Friday, 27 April 2012

Authors: Make the most of your KDP Select promotion days

Amazon's KDP Select program allows authors to reap benefits, such as earning a share of a monthly fund when readers borrow their ebooks from the Kindle Owners' Lending Library and a promotional opportunity to offer their ebooks free to readers for up to five days every 90 days. 

These freebie days are a great way to get your books noticed, and they could result in a sales spike and some valuable reviews.

Let's say you've enrolled your book into KDP Select, and today is one of your chosen promotion days. This is an ideal opportunity to remind all your friends, family and other contacts that they can download the book for free.

It's certain that they’ll appreciate a chance to read your book for free, so this is a good time to ask them if they could return the favour by writing a short review after they’ve finished reading it. Although reviews don’t necessarily guarantee sales, books with few or no reviews rarely get purchased.

As long as someone has an Amazon account and has bought something 
on any Amazon website – not necessarily a book - it’s possible for customers to write reviews on So when you ask people to write a review, make sure they do it on Why? Because reviews written on will be read by between 10 -20 times more people than reviews on smaller sites such as

No Kindle, no problem

What if your contacts say, “I can’t download your book, because I don’t own a Kindle?” Easy,  tell them that Amazon offer free software for their computers which allows them to download and read ebooks without the need to buy a Kindle. All they have to do is visit Google and search for “Kindle for PC" or “Kindle for Mac” (in quotes) and they’ll find the free download page. They also have apps that allow people to read Kindle books on iPads, Android devices, Blackberrys and iPhones. 

Finally, if you have a Facebook page or Twitter account, don't forget to announce your freebie book to all your friends and followers.

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